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RejeX-it Fog Force™, RejeX-it Migrate™ & Avian Control® Bird Repellent have joined forces!

Avian Enterprises LLC, the supplier of Avian Control® Bird Repellent, is pleased to announce that it has purchased Natural Forces LLC and Ceannard Inc.

What Does That Mean For You?

Avian Enterprises LLC will become the one-stop source for all of your bird control needs with a wide selection of products and superior technologies.

Natural Forces LLC and Ceannard Inc. customers are invited to purchase Avian Control® Bird Repellent*, the newest and most effective bird repellent currently available.

Current Customer Introductory Discount – Limited Time Only!

A special Introductory Discount will be in effect for Natural Forces and Ceannard customers until December 31, 2015. Take advantage of our merger, today!

Welcome to the Avian Control® Family

Call us today to learn how you can take advantage of the limited time Introductory Discount on Avian Control® Bird Repellent at 888-707-4355.

Avian Enterprises, LLC
The World Leader in Effective Bird Repellent Products

*Due to EPA regulatory requirements, RejeX-it Fog Force™ and RejeX-it Migrate™ will not be available for sale until updated and improved formulations are approved. EPA approvals are expected in 2016.

  • Prevents pest birds from damaging crops, business and airport structures and golf courses
  • Non-lethal and mild enough to use around people and animals
  • Low cost treatment–as little as $12.50 per acre!
  • Simple application via ground, aerial spraying or fogging
  • Effective for up to two weeks for outdoor applications–and much longer for indoor!

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